The Céide Fields Centre


One of the dramatic exhibits that confronts visitors on entering the centre is this 4,000 year old pine tree that was unearthed from nearby bogland.






Todays centre and its interior has been constructed from natural materials – sandstone, oak and glass – and has been recently updated with numerous interactive exhibits that will appeal to all ages.

It was a combination of local work and resources spearheaded by a local man Dr Seamus Caulfield and the Office of Public Works which is based in Dublin.

The result – the Céide Fields Interpretative Centre, which received the Gold Medal Award from the RIAI and now attracts visitors from all over the world.


The Centre’s day to day running is in the capable hands of archaeological specialist Gretta Byrne who was part of Dr Caulfields original team.

The architectural and design response to this beautiful and sensitive environment was the use of a simple strong form often seen in lighthouses and martello towers which are a common feature on many coastlines.









The resulting pyramid shape reflects the surrounding landscape – and in particular the Stags of Broadhaven which can be seen on the horizon.