Orchestral music inspired by folklore and history of the West coast of Ireland (running time: 50 minutes)


After listening to Paul Neville’s Céide Fields album, Seamus Heaney wrote to him (the following is an excerpt from the letter):

“Belderg – your setting, delicate and pointed, crossing the old “cruit” music with younger strains of the pianoforte, hammers and strings, as it were…..And it takes place very naturally in the whole nine-part programme, with its light and shade, its variously martial and melodic episodes.

I was just sorry that my old friend Tom Flanagan – he of “The Year of the French” – is no longer with us, it would have been a great pleasure for him to have such a moving evocation of his dream country.”

Seamus Heaney (2012)

Irish poet, playwright and recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature



“Belderg” – (the poem written by the late Seamus Heaney and featured on this album) is recited by Adrian Dunbar as an integral part of Paul Neville’s musical arrangement for the Belderg composition.

Adrian Dunbar also commented on the “Céide Fields” album:

“Really beautiful ….. a labour of love ….. and it shows!”

Hear My Song” (Co-Writer and Lead Actor) and “Line Of Duty” (stars as Superintendent Ted Hastings)

Adrian Dunbar

Adrian Dunbar – Actor and Director for film and television



Francesca Genco – Singer

The distinctive and haunting voice of Francesca Genco was chosen by the composer Paul Neville specially for his album “Céide Fields”.

Francesca, a professional singer based in California, USA, sings on three of the  Céide Fields tracks – “Sea Queen”, “Pullatomas” and “Horned Women”.

(Francesca’s voice has also featured on many Hollywood films soundtracks (including the blockbuster movie “Elysium” starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster).


Barbary Grant – Singer

Barbary Grant’s warm and crystal clear voice was an ideal choice for singing the lyrics used in “HY BRASIL” on the “Céide Fields” album.

Based in California, Barbary has a great affection for the Celtic musical tradition and performs songs in Irish, Scots Gaelic and Manx.


Paul C Neville – composer and arranger

Visit paulneville.co.uk/composer for more background information.

Listen to three short excerpts from this album here:


The album nine track running order:

“Hy Brasil” – “Belderg” – “Achill Ships” – “Sea Queen” – “Across Time” – “Killala Skirmish” – “Pullatomas” – “Horned Women” and “Céide Fields”